Jelly Melly is getting a new Intern

Jelly Melly is getting a new Intern

In April my husband and I found out we were PREGNANT! AHH

I finished out the school year having to keep it a secret for the longest time but was able to tell my coworkers and students the last 2 weeks of school. My students were upset I waited so long to tell them but they ended up fist bumping my stomach anyways and giving me tons of name suggestions and gender predictions. 

Next year I will be teaching at a new High School (whoa) in my county! So much change all at once. But I love me some change and am ready to embrace it, most of the time.

First Trimester was ROUGH, man when they say tired they mean TIRED. I made it too all my spring fairs with a lot of help from my wonderful CFO, my husband. He did all the literal heavy lifting, I had limited inventory because I was too tired to restock.

Once Trimester 2 kicked in I was good to go! I have been feeling great and am ready to catch up and get ahead of the game because fall and winter will be BUSY. Not only is this the busiest time for businesses, small businesses, and crafts fairs but I will be planning a baby shower, prepping a nursey and getting ready for baby's arrival. 

I plan to launch seasonal items a little early this year as I wont be that available in November/December so be on the look out for fall already! My last fair is November 16th but my website will be up and running up until I give birth! Then I'll be taking at least a 2 month maternity leave from teaching and my business. 

I can't wait to see how this little baby will inspire me (and my new job at that!). The dream is to do this full time with the little one and stay at home together, but first we gotta get the ball rolling! 

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