About Jelly Melly

Jelly Melly all started because I wanted products that I could not find anywhere else. Our first product was "Drink Coffee & Make Art" shirt. I am an art teacher and I wanted a graphic tee that I could wear to school. There are not a lot of art teacher t-shirts out in the world. So I made my own.

Then I could not find a grocery list that made sense in my head. I needed something that allowed me to plan all my meals and had a space for all the ingredients I needed. So I designed my own and made it all pretty and other people started to like it.

So I designed a couple other shirts and notepads that made sense for me, and turns out other people needed these things too.

Overtime I added stickers, and pins, and tote bags that all worked for me and my lifestyle and apparently a lot of you are very much like me. 

So now I make products for the both of us! The colorful, organized, trendy, optimistic people of the world. 

Craft Fairs

My business really picked up when I decided to start doing craft fairs Fall of 2021. Ever sense then, the warm months are stuffed full of fairs, and I wouldn't want it any other way.

Middle School Digital Art Teacher

During the day I am teaching 11-13 year olds Adobe Photoshop.

My happy place

Summers are my favorite and I love to spend mine at the beach, eating ice cream and fries reading a good book.